The Linear Series

This fine art series began out of the necessity...NO!...obsession to scrape lines of color pencil onto a rich paper surface and covering the entire area. Pieces can be displayed freely because there is no "right-side-up."

This process takes a long time and is not high speed production. In fact, it takes so long to do a drawing (sometimes up to three or four months), I start questioning my life choices.

I begin with a big blank sheet of Lenox Legion cotton paper that is by the roll. And then apply a beginning line or shape. From there I do not know which way the drawing will go. The lines are allowed to develop twists and turns, which is very freeing. 

By the end of the piece I am surprised by the results, because the paper remains somewhat rolled during the production in order to work with such a large surface. 



ليس لدينا أي منتجات لعرضها هنا الآن.